The BODAIR’s design makes possible to integrate metal inserts in a carbon fiber tube , these inserts are positioned during the carbon fiber tube filament winding process.

This methodology give the opportunity to manufactured swaged
carbon fiber rods.
This technology will allow a high strength capacities. BODAIR is active in the development, the design and the production of carbon fiber rods.

Different types of rods are produced:

• Rods with adjustable ends

In the case of rods equipped with adjustable ends, the rod’s body features one or two inserts in stainless steel , aluminum, titanium or HR polymers with a thread. The adjustable ends are screwed in the inserts. The body of the rod can carry flats for wrenching, drilling holes for inspection and anti-rotation grooves. The ends can be of all types such as forks, bearings, etc.

• Rods with fixed ends

The fixed ends can be made under various configurations. Either, an end with a threaded shaft which will be positioned and then blocked into position, or an integral end where the hollow shaft is directly integrated into the body of the rod during the rod’s manufacturing process.

• Rods with fork type ends

In this case, generally used for structural rods, the metal fork is integrated into the rod body during the manufacturing process.

BODAIR can also provide mixed solutions, standard end forks and adjustable ends.

• Rods for light loads

For rods made for a light load, the weight of the metal ends is relatively big compared to the rod’s body weight.
An alternative developed by BODAIR are rod ends in High Resistance Plastic.

While holding the load, these materials have low densities and allow an optimal ratio between the required load and the overall weight of the rod.
Both fixed and adjustable ends can be integrated in the rods for light loads.

• Rods with measurement of effort system

BODAIR’s products can integrate a range of load and effort measurement systems. Integration of these systems is done by the placement of strain gauges in the carbon fiber rod’s body. New technologies developed by BODAIR make it possible to equip any rod with these systems without increasing the weight nor changing the design of the rods. BODAIR’s product can be provided with effort measurement devices, screens and/or signal-converters.